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At Havas Creative we aim to make a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses and the lives of the people we work with. We're currently going through some amazing momentum, winning new clients, expanding our services, and having our work recognized in both global and regional creative festivals. We aim to be a home for the region’s most talented people and a partner to great brands. But most of all, we want to be a rewarding place to work at and a great partner to work with.

NatGeo MomentsNatGeo Moments
National Geographic Abu Dhabi

NatGeo Moments

Because National Geographic fans love of iconic images, photography is their Number One interest. So, we created ‘Moments’ – a photographic competition on the subject of ‘Souks’ that attracted 50,000 entries and made NG the most popular brand on social media in the region with over 63 million followers.


Better When Shared

Kiri partnered with Emirates Red Crescent to launch a one-of-a-kind Iftar donation drive that turned social media messages of gratitude from mums into Iftar boxes in real-time and distributed them to frontline workers across the UAE.

Jibnet Abu Al Walad

The Original Taste

Everyone in Oman knows that the original Omani sandwich is made with Jibnet Abu Al Walad cheese. But no one knows who invented it. So, we launched a campaign to find the most outrageous origin stories of the original Omani sandwich.

World Water Day

World Water Day

To help Saudi Arabia think about dishwashing in a new way – and drive adoption of automatic dishwashers – we reminded the country of one of the foundations of its own success. The preservation of that most precious resource, water. After all, a dishwasher uses around 90% less water than handwashing.


Durex Every Day

We can’t talk openly about sex. We can’t show intimacy or even recruit actors for ads. What we do know is that humans celebrate big events and small with sex. Finding the occasions that really mattered on social media, we used them as lighthearted prompts to consider condoms with amazing results.


UAE 49th National Day

To celebrate the UAE’s 49th National Day, FAB took our audience on a journey of incredible growth and achievement through the eyes of an Emirati born in the same year as her nation, showing how far we’ve come and how far we’re going.

Small Business Open Mic

Small Business Open Mic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, FAB handed over our social media channels, with a combined follow count of 2.3 million people, to SMEs across the nation, so they could reach an audience like no other, at a time they needed it most.

National Geographic Abu Dhabi

Overshoot Calendar

Building on our ‘Planet or Plastic?’ campaign, National Geographic wanted to create a new talking point among opinion leaders in the region. So, we designed a 2020 hourglass calendar for them highlighting ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ – the day we start using more raw resources than Earth can renew.

LEGO Saudi Stores

News Rebuilt

When KSA’s largest newspaper released its National Day Edition, LEGO released its own version within a matter of hours. Featuring the same news articles, but with every photograph and visual element rebuilt completely out of LEGO.

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